5 Ways To Get Your Breckenridge Rental Ready for Fall

5 Ways To Get Your Breckenridge Rental Ready for Fall
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Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing your home for the new wave of short-term residents and tourists on their way to beautiful Breckenridge. After the heat of the summer wanes, renters will be looking for a cozy mountain escape to call home–and you can give your property a leg up with strategic additions and simple tricks to help prepare your property for fall.

Read on to learn more about our five fall to-do’s that can help make your property the perfect hideaway for your next renter.

1. Swap Out the Patio Furniture

If your home has a yard, patio, or deck space, it may be time to swap out the patio for some more fall-friendly additions. Whether you’re changing the cushions, swapping your hammocks for outdoor fireplaces, or simply want to give your patio furniture a fresh rinse, we know that your renters will appreciate this simple task–instantly elevating your home’s curb appeal and overall utility.

2. Check and Clear Your Gutters

Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather patterns and harsh seasonal storms. Now is the perfect time to check and clear your gutters to avoid any blockages when the first storm hits. Plus, there are additional benefits that you can enjoy; such as prolonging the life of your roof, minimizing chances for rot and mold, and boosting your home’s overall appearance.

You can reference the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce if you’re looking for professional vendor service and assistance, or you can visit any one of the local hardware shops to get the tools to do it yourself. We recommend stopping by the Breckenridge Building Center for convenient pickup and delivery options.

3. Conduct Your Basic Checks

You should always add seasonal smoke detectors and alarm checks to help to protect your property. This can give you and your resident peace of mind and help you to avoid taking unnecessary risks that could lead to damage or injury. If you’re not sure when you last replaced your system, it might be time for a tune-up. Home specialists in the Washington Post recommend switching your alarms and detectors about every ten years for best results.

Looking for a spot to upgrade your systems? Stop by Summit Systems to enjoy personalized home recommendations and concierge service options.

4. Update Your Interior

While residents bring their own sense of style to a space, you can give them a head start by giving your decorative elements a seasonal touch, leaving them with a homey and cozy canvas to start with. There’s no wrong way to decorate for the change of season. Simply start with one room and move to the next! It doesn’t take much, either–some throw pillows, complimentary free-use candles, and trays or lights can make the difference in your space. These little touches can instantly elevate your renter’s experience and can make your home more competitive in the long run.

Breck’s Gifts is a great spot for this, bringing an element of comfort and customization to your home’s interior space. Be sure to check out their website for their latest offerings!

5. Check for Drafts & Update Your Curtains

You could be losing a significant amount of money through drafts in your space, which are often undetected by windows and doors. Now’s a great time to inspect the seal around these key entry points in your space and re-caulk or replace them as needed. The small investment of your time and cost now can save you money down the road and can give your resident a more comfortable living experience in your Breckenridge rental home.

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