Attracting Guests in the Off-Season: Tips for Year-Round Bookings

Attracting Guests in the Off-Season: Tips for Year-Round Bookings

With over 100 restaurants and bars and over 200 shops and boutiques, it's no surprise that Breckenridge is an in-demand vacation destination. But most travelers visit during peak summer and winter months.

The spring and fall months are significantly slower. So where does that leave vacation rental property owners who want bookings year-round? Start attracting guests in the off-season with these helpful vacation rental income tips.

Attract Business Travelers

Unlike those traveling for pleasure, business travelers are on the move anytime throughout the year. This makes them a prime target market for increasing off-season bookings.

You can offer special business traveler rates. These people won't be looking for the extensive amenities a vacationer wants. They also typically travel during the week, which can fill in the days between the weekend travelers.

Add Off-Season Amenities

Are there amenities that someone would enjoy during the off-season that wouldn't be suitable during the high season? For example, summer and winter are the busy seasons for Breckenridge.

This means offering amenities that are best enjoyed during the spring or fall. Perhaps you add a fire pit to warm guests during the cooling fall months. Or you could add a hammock to enjoy the fresh spring air.

Offer Repeat Booking Discounts

You have a valuable contact list if you've managed your vacation rental for a while now. Reach out to previous guests and offer them a repeat booking discount.

Another option is to offer a referral promotion. Perhaps your former guests aren't planning a trip, but they know someone who is. This is an effective strategy because you turn happy former guests into your advocates.

Refresh Your Rental Listing

If your listing targets those coming to Breckenridge to ski, you have a winter vacation rental listing. In contrast, your listing could target summer travelers. These listings could be highly effective at generating bookings for the targetted season.

Unfortunately, they aren't effective for any other time of the year. An experienced vacation rental property manager can help you craft an off-season property listing.

Adjust Your Pricing

Track market demand and what competitive properties are doing. During heavy travel times, you will have peak season pricing. However, during the slow season, demand drops.

Adjusting your pricing will ensure your vacation rental will stay competitive in the local market. Another change to consider is reducing or eliminating your minimum night requirement. During the slow season, you may generate more bookings with people looking for shorter stays.

Partner With Local Businesses

You aren't the only person looking to increase business during the slow season. Reach out to local businesses to create a promotional partnership.

This will entice guests to your rental with increased amenities. You can create an entire experience where the guests don't have to worry about planning activities or dining.

Start Attracting Guests in the Off-Season

Optimizing your vacation rental occupancy rate starts with attracting guests in the off-season. Make a few small adjustments, and you can start booking more guests during the slow season.

Speak with our team of vacation rental managers and increase your off-season bookings.