HOA Property Maintenance Responsibilities in Colorado

HOA Property Maintenance Responsibilities in Colorado

Maintenance work isn't a glamorous part of real estate.

In fact, the more effective a team is at maintaining property, the less likely people are to notice. Conversely, when things go wrong, like a road in disrepair, the spotlights all shine on the people tasked with fixing it promptly.

But what exactly does an HOA property maintenance team do, and what are their core responsibilities? This article is here to answer all those questions and more.

Landscaping Common Areas

Every HOA community has common landscaped grounds, which is part of why residents pay fees. The HOA's job is to check the condition of these grounds and keep them well-maintained.

That includes planting, mowing lawns, weeding, trimming bushes, and other general garden maintenance. This ensures that all common landscaped areas look beautiful and pristine for residents, guests, and potential home buyers.

Clearing Snow

Colorado's winter weather keeps many association management teams busy. After a significant snowfall, many HOAs clear roads and pathways, making them safe for vehicles and pedestrians.

That might involve specialist equipment like snow plows or hiring contractors who can add salt to pathways. This work is often urgent and requires a team to plan and coordinate the clearing to minimize disruptions in people's lives.

Building Repairs

The homeowners association management team is responsible for any of the community's buildings. Therefore, it will take ownership of inspections, maintenance, and repair work.

That might be something urgent, like a roof repair or a cosmetic improvement, like repairing the exterior. Regular maintenance work can also help prevent worsening issues that lead to more costly and lengthy repairs.

Removing Trash

Association property management teams are responsible for any environmental work, including clearing and removing trash on site. They also provide recycling bins for homeowners and schedule pickups.

Some HOAs arrange community pickups, where residents volunteer to remove loose trash from communal areas. This helps the place feel clean and well-cared for.

Maintain Street Lighting, Roads and Signage

Good street lighting is more than aesthetic.

It's an important safety feature. So, HOA management teams have an important responsibility of making sure all these lights are working as they should and making emergency repairs where they are needed.

The same is true for all roads in the community, including the entrance. HOAs will also maintain signs, including road signs, safety signs, warning signs, and rules.

Safety and Security

Residents want to feel safe and secure in their homes, which is why many modern housing associations offer enhanced safety features. These might include secure entrance gates and security cameras.

However, they need regular checks and maintenance to ensure proper operation. The association management group will also oversee any needed upgrades to ensure the most advanced security.

Keeping a Community Looking Like New With HOA Property Maintenance

People buy homes in housing associations as they come with beautiful surroundings and extra amenities. That's why it's so important to have an organized approach to HOA property maintenance.

At PMI Breck, our trusted team helps support HOAs across Colorado. Our core values of an honest, effective approach mean your HOA will be in safe hands. Find out more here.