How to get guests to choose your property over competitors

How to get guests to choose your property over competitors
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There’s no doubt about it, there are a lot of options out there when a guest is looking for a short-term rental to book. So, how can you motivate them to rent your property over all of the others? Let’s discuss.

1) Create a listing that stands out

Initially, you need to have a good online presence. It should be easy to find your listing. Your listing has to be appealing. Guests will want as much information as they can find but written in a way that’s easy to digest. So, short paragraphs and bullet points are good to use in a listing.

Make sure to have all of the amenities you offer listed. Talk about what makes your property special. If you have unique features that separate you from others and will entice potential guests, make sure that’s mentioned in the listing as well.

2) Take pictures

Pictures are another major component. Take high-quality photos that accurately depict the property from multiple angles (including the interior and exterior). The better-acquainted guests can get with your property, the more likely they are to book it.

3) Gather reviews

Reviews are very important too. Encourage previous guests to write reviews for you. Potential guests will use these reviews to determine if your property is worth staying at.

4) Consider the price

Make sure that the listing is priced competitively. If it’s too low, it could hurt your bottom line. But if it’s too high, guests will book another, more affordable property.

5) Make a great first impression

You also need to make a great first impression. Guests may have questions about the property before they book it. They may be looking at more than one property and trying to decide which one is right for them and their loved ones. If they reach out to you, you need to be quick to respond to them. “You snooze, you lose” applies here. If you’re not quick to respond and your competitor is, who do you think the guest will end up booking with? Guests want to know that the property manager is going to be easy to reach.

There are plenty of ways to highlight your property and entice potential renters. At PMI, we’d love to help you do just that. Visit our website to learn more. We can help you create a great listing, manage your property, and keep guests happy.