Top Rental Home Winter Updates For Breck Rental Homes

Top Rental Home Winter Updates For Breck Rental Homes
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There’s no place like Breck in the winter, surrounded by views of the snow-capped Colorado mountains and covered in snow; like a picturesque holiday card. Sound refreshing? It’s closer than you may think. Summer’s coming to an end, and many homeowners are working around the clock to prepare their short-term vacation rental for the winter season. While these updates are necessary to make your rental property pop, it can feel overwhelming when you’re looking at that mile-long to do list. If that sounds like you, we have you covered. Below, we’re summarizing the top three rental home updates that you should consider to prepare your home for the snowy winter season along with offering tips and tricks to help you maximize your investment.

1. Have Your Heating System Inspected

Prevention is the best solution to any rental home emergency. Having your heating system inspected can help you have a smooth winter season and a happy short-term rental resident. There are plenty of HVAC professionals in the Breckenridge area, giving you the opportunity to vet your choices and choose the best one for your unique needs. Taking the time to handle your heating system now can help you to avoid inconvenient winter failures in the freezing cold temperatures. Looking for vendors? Be sure to consult the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce. This handy city resource will be the best thing to help you to connect with professionals in your area.

2. Inspect Your Security System

Security systems should be inspected quarterly to reduce your risk of breach or failure at your rental property. A self-inspection is perfectly sufficient, and it only takes a few minutes! Be sure to test all functionality of your device and replace the batteries to further reduce your risk of failure. You may also consider stocking your vacation rental with extra batteries in case your resident needs them. These small things may seem minor, but it can certainly make the difference of convenience for your short-term rental resident. If you realize that it’s time for a security upgrade, plenty of security vendors in the Breckenridge area can assist. Looking for a DIY solution? You can speak to the experts at Allied Security in Breck to learn more about your options for home security and defense.

3. Update Your Window Coverings

While this can seem more minor or decorative, ensuring that your windows are properly sealed and covered can help to reduce your overall heating costs in the winter (and cooling costs in the summer, alternatively!) Before covering your windows, conduct a visual inspection of your window area. Are there any leaks in the sealant around your window? Are your windows cracked at all or warped from the sun? If the answer to both of these is no, then you can cover your windows and enjoy the benefit of added insulation. If you notice any damage, however, we recommend referencing the Chamber of Commerce to find a vendor who can assist before the cold winter season.

There isn’t a wrong way to cover your windows, but many opt for heavier blackout curtains or insulated curtains that can keep your residents cozy during the winter. Lodgepole Interiors, located in La Cima Mall, is a great place to find home decor that’s both functional and design-savvy.

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