Rentals in an HOA Community: Are They Allowed in Breckenridge, CO?

Rentals in an HOA Community: Are They Allowed in Breckenridge, CO?

Are you interested in short-term rentals in a spectacular setting?

Breckenridge, Colorado, is not just known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor activities. It's also home to many vibrant HOA communities. If you're looking for HOA rentals with true value, look no further.

However, if you're considering renting your home out or are looking for rentals in an HOA community in Breckenridge, it's worth taking some time to understand the rules.

Read on to learn more about HOA rental restrictions in our town.

Understanding HOAs

Homeowners Associations, or HOAs, are organizations that set and enforce rules for residential communities. They help to maintain:

  • Community curb appeal
  • Property values
  • Overall quality of life for residents
  • Good community relations
  • Community initiatives and progression
  • HOA meetings
  • Heritage and culture

It's worth noting that HOA regulations can differ from one community to another. Some HOAs are lenient regarding rentals. However, Breckenridge Town has strict policies in place.

Breckenridge HOA Regulations

If you want to rent out a home in Breckenridge, you'll need a short-term rental license. This rule was put in place to manage the number of vacation rentals in the community.

Towards the end of 2021, the Breckenridge Town Council noticed that local residents were struggling to find affordable housing. This was mainly due to the booming short-term rental market.

Homeowners were earning more by renting their properties to tourists, making it challenging for locals to secure housing. This situation also led to a housing shortage that began to concern the community.

Today, the Town council is working to address the issue. The Town of Breckenridge has a limit of 2200 active short-term licenses.

The Solution

To address the problems, the Town Council implemented a cap on the total number of short-term rentals allowed in Breckenridge. This effectively prevented new properties from obtaining short-term rental licenses.

In response to public concerns about the blanket cap, the Town Council revised the ordinance to establish four distinct short-term rental areas. Each area has its own specific limit on the number of rentals allowed.

This approach aims to balance the needs of the community better. At the same time, it still accommodates short-term rentals. It's an exciting rental market that's worth keeping an eye on.

The town aims to strike a balance between its historic routes, natural beauty, and burgeoning tourist hotspot status. As a prospective landlord in the area, expect the regulations to continue their evolution in the years to come.

PMI: Rentals in the HOA Community of Breckenridge

In Breckenridge, Colorado, the stunning mountain landscapes and vibrant HOA communities make it an attractive destination for short-term rentals.

However, navigating HOA regulations is crucial. In Breckenridge, there is a strong desire to balance the benefits of tourism with the need for affordable housing. The Town Council is working to strike that balance.

If you're looking to navigate the complexities of Rentals in the HOA Community of Breckenridge or seek assistance with property management, PMI Breck is here to help. Contact us to ensure your experience in this spectacular setting is as smooth as possible.