Standing Out in a Sea of Rentals: Tips for Attracting Guests to Your Vacation Rental

Standing Out in a Sea of Rentals: Tips for Attracting Guests to Your Vacation Rental

On average, Americans aim to take three vacations per year, so as a rental property owner, you stand to profit from these getaways. This is especially true if you're located in a prime tourist spot, such as Breckenridge, CO.

However, you're not the only one hoping to pull people in. Tourists want to stay in a place that's like a second home, so you need to ensure you're staying ahead of a competitive market.

Need some help? Then keep reading if you need some tips for attracting guests to your vacation rental.

Have Personal Touches

As we've just said, vacationers like accommodations that feel like a second home, so personal touches are essential. Make sure they feel welcome by adding things like a welcome basket and a booklet with local recommendations.

Make things a bit more special by having fun themes for your property. With some interesting decor, your short-term rental will be irresistible to those visiting Breckenridge.

Have Competitive Prices

Everyone in town will be vying for vacation guests, so you can't afford to lose out. Conduct thorough research to set a competitive and attractive price. Consider offering discounts for longer stays to draw more guests to your property.

During off-peak seasons, you should also have discounts on normal pricing. Once visitors see how good your rental is, they'll be more than willing to return during busier seasons.

Keep Your Property Well-Maintained

No one wants to stay in a place that's dirty and run-down, so spend some extra time and money to keep your property well-maintained. Hire a cleaning service that makes your property pristine and spotless, and keep up with landscaping.

Plus, regularly inspect and maintain the property. Address any issues promptly so you not only keep it looking excellent but cut down on costs too.

Add Amenities

Having the bare minimum on your property won't do. People are treating themselves to vacation, so they should feel like royalty.

Inspect your property and see what you can do to make it more comfortable. Get quality furniture, linens, and kitchen supplies, for example. You can also add streaming services and recreational equipment.

Invest in Your Listings

Your listings will be the first impression people get of your property, so you must get it right. Use high-quality photos that are bright and well-composed to show all its best features.

In addition, your listings should be informative, yet compelling. Highlight the unique features, amenities, and what sets your property apart. If you do this right, then you'll attract guests, even in the off-season.

Start Attracting Guests to Your Vacation Rental

Attracting guests to your vacation rental may have been difficult in the past. But with our tips, you should see a significant difference in traffic.

The most important things are to have a personal touch, price the rent competitively, maintain the property, add amenities, and invest in your listings. If you put the effort in, then the business will follow.

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