How Airbnb Management Improves ROI of Your Short-Term Rentals in Breckenridge

How Airbnb Management Improves ROI of Your Short-Term Rentals in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a haven for ski lovers, receiving over 30,000 visitors every day. As an entrepreneur, there's a lot of money to be made from the town's tourism and hospitality industry. You can go big and set up a ski resort, but there's an emerging market that deserves your attention.

Vacation rentals are a booming market in Breckenridge, attracting a good number of clients who don't want to incur sky-high resort prices. Putting the rental on Airbnb is the best move, but you must invest in proper Airbnb management to maximize your income.

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Property Marketing

As more vacation rentals come up, competition for vacation guests increases.

Without effective vacation rental marketing, it isn't easy to give your property great visibility to your target customers. And if people don't know the property exists, you aren't going to get any bookings.

Airbnb management solves this problem. When you hire a company that manages vacation rentals, it will design and implement a marketing strategy for the property. It will optimize its listing on the Airbnb platform, and market the listing on social media and other digital platforms.

Cleaning Services

Keeping your vacation rental clean is non-negotiable. Guests aren't going to tolerate a space that's anything but clean, and they'll promptly register their displeasure by giving your rental negative reviews on Airbnb. Good luck getting a booking after that!

However, cleaning can become a challenge during busy periods or when you have back-to-back bookings. Between guest check-outs and check-ins, you have a few hours to clean up the space and get it looking sparkling and fresh.

For Airbnb management companies, this is an easy job. They have cleaning service providers who will jump into action whenever needed and get the job done in a matter of hours.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

It's easy to be obsessed with bookings and skimp on other important aspects of managing an Airbnb. The busier a property is, the faster it wears and tears. This means it needs routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

If you're an out-of-town owner, you likely won't be visiting the site often. This is a good reason to hire a local Airbnb property manager. They'll conduct regular inspections and coordinate maintenance and repairs when needed, keeping your property in top shape.

Guest Communications

On a good day, a guest will check-in, enjoy their stay, and check out without contacting you even once. On a bad day, there'll be endless calls from the guest, and the issue could be anything from how to open the door to how to get the hot water system fired up.

You may get tired from the persistent calls, but an Airbnb manager won't. It's their job to handle guest communications, ensuring every guest is satisfied and comfortable. This is how you'll earn repeat bookings.

Get the Best Airbnb Management in Breckenridge

You have a sharp eye for spotting Breckenridge as your location to start a vacation rental. But location alone won't bring you success. You must invest in great Airbnb management as well.

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